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Acne developments are more popular on the face that any other places on the body. Acne appearance can also occur on the neck both the front and the back.  Other parts of the body where acne appear are the check, back, and hairline.

Discover more from the information provided below in the article below and get more insight about the causes with their respective treatments and home remedies.

Acne on Neck Causes

The possible causes include:

Hormonal imbalances

In women during ovulation and pregnancy, there is a lot of fluctuation of hormones that are likely to be the main cause of acne appearances.

Also, those teens at puberty may also experience changes in hormones as a result of growth and development. This can also trigger appearance of hormones.

In case of you happen to have more of male hormones androgen; you are likely to experience this condition of acne breakouts not only on your neck but also on chest, face and hairline.

Emotional stress

This is considered to the most influential cause of acne appearance on the body. Stress stimulates adrenal glands to produce stress hormone cortisol in order to counter the situation.

In the process, a small amount of testosterone leaks out and in turn trigger the oil glands to produce excess oil that causes the clogging of skin pores resulting to this breakouts.

Environmental pollution

If you happen to live in an area where there is a lot of pollution, dirt is may clog on your face and neck has you along the streets.

The dirt is trapped into the skin pores together with sebum or oil produce by the oil glands. The two condition result in skin pores clogging and in turn causes the appearance of acne on the neck.

Wrong skin care products

This mostly happens to those individuals who produces excess oils from their body and they keep on using oily skin care products. The accumulation of oils on the skin causes clogging and in turn results in breakouts on your neck, face, chest, and back.

Constant cleaning of your face and neck

Over washing of the neck region and face result to skin dryness and this may trigger oil glands to produce more oil in order to compensate the loss.

In the process, the oil glands tend to overproduce oil the event and this leads to the formation of acne on the face and even on the neck region.

Individuals dietary

There are some specific foods when you eat, it stimulates the development of acne on your body due the fat content they contain. Some of these foods include; chocolate, fried foods, pizza, caffeine, nuts.

It is therefore recommended to eat this type of foods in small quantity to avoid the development of this painful zits on the neck and other places on the body.

Use of excess sugar

The overuse of sugary may result into increase amount of insulin in the body.  Insulin triggers oil producing male hormones to increase resulting in appearance of acne around the neck region and this could even spread on the face.

Excess sweat

If you happen to be the type of person who sweats a lot after workouts, then you are prone of getting acnes on the neck and even along your chin.

The sweating and the friction results from the type of clothing we use, are likely to be the possible cause of the acne breakout on the neck.

Exposure to excess sun

Too much sun exposure causes evaporation and in turn results in excessive skin oil production. Once there is excessive production of oils on the skin, it causes clogging which in turn results in breakouts.

Hair products

Most of the hair products like dyes, and shampoos contain certain chemicals that may cause irritation on the neck region. This irritation may result in inflammation that later trigger development of pimples on the region.

Acne on Neck and Chest

The two regions are close to each other; therefore any outbreak on the neck region is likely to spread towards the chest region. Chest acne in real sense tends to appear unaesthetic and result in a lot of discomfort.

Most acne develops for a reason but there are some that tend to be normal. The main causes of acnes usually rotate around the hormones and oil production by the skin oil glands.

Here the most probable causes of acne on the neck and chest regions:

  • Numerous numbers of whiteheads on the chest occurs due to clogging of the skin pores and sweat glands.
  • Sometimes acne may develop due to allergic reactions towards the skin care products that we use.
  • Tight clothing may result in appearance of small red pimples on the chest due to poor thermoregulations.
  • Hormonal disorder that can cause abnormal sebum production and local immunity resulting acne.
  • Reproductive system diseases and disorders are likely to be the main causes of acne appearance on the body.
  • According to many researches, chest acne appears as a result of compiled stress.
  • Immune deficiency and some of form of diabetes condition can trigger into the development of chest acne.
  • Allergic reactions can result to rashes appearance on the body
  • Poor personal hygiene can result in the appearance of pimples on the body.

Acne on Neck and Chin

Acne development on the chin occurs when the hair follicles are clogged. The factors that are known to contribute towards the development of acne on the chin include:

Facial makeups

Chin is part of the face that happens to be a common place where makeups are applied to. You are likely to experience perpetuates a cycle of acne in case you are using pore-clogging makeup to cover up existing blemishes.

It is recommended to use makeups that contain salicylic acid since they help to cure acne while covering outbreaks. In case they do occur on your neck, it is due to using a brush to apply powder or blend makeup, so be sure to clean your brushes periodically to remove dirt and oil.


Neck and chine are acne prone regions; in case you have the habit of resting hands around them then you are likely to result in the development of acne.

The dirt from the hands, oils and bacterial are known to be the main cause behind the development of pimples on the chin and the neck.

Cell Phones causes acne on neck

This has become the recent cause of acne appearance on the neck and chin. This condition is more common to cellphone users. The dirt from the phone and the oil can get clog into the skin around the regions resulting in pimples appearance.


This happens to those individuals who spend most of their time in the gym room. This could result in a lot of sweating and in turn if you take long without sweating acne may appear.

Acne on Back of Neck

The occurrence of acne at the back of neck can be troublesome. The condition is more common to teens, and also among adults both male and female. The same factors that leads to acne on neck does the same on the back neck.

If you have long hair that tends to touch at the back of neck, then you are likely to experience the development of neck acne because the hair contains oil, which can clog your pores.

Your hands and fingernails can contribute to this condition especially to those individuals who have the habit of touching around their neck.

Also, if you are the type of person who do not change pillowcases often enough, then this could also contribute to your breakouts, as oil and dirt from your hair can build up and transfer to your neck each night.

Again, the lotions, shampoos and detergents with strong fragrances or chemical contents and dyes may also irritate your skin resulting in the development of pimples.

Pimples on Front of Neck

Neck pimples are creating more concern to most people and can be affect self-esteem especially when they are larger and can be easily spotted.

The skin on the frontal part of the neck is more delicate just like the facial skin. So any factor that is known for causing breakouts can also affect this region. Some of the factors that causes acne on neck include:

  • Improper Individual hygiene
  • Improper shaving technique especially beard men
  • Abnormal shedding of skin cells
  • Improper use and wrong cosmetics
  • Improper lymphatic drainage
  • Stress
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Improper diet

Note: More details of the factors are discussed above on the causes of acne on the neck.

Pimples on Neck and Jawline

Jawline has oil glands that produce sebum. When the skin pores are clogged with excess oils, dirt, dead skin cells and bacteria, it leads in the development of small zits that are painful.

These pimples are either red at the top or white due to development of pus from inside. Some of the other factors that lead to the development of pimples include:

  • Hormones
  • Stress
  • Medicines you take

Pimple on Neck Swollen Lymph Node

In case of an infection, the cold or flu, sinus infection, HIV infection, infected tooth, mononucleosis, skin infection and strep throat can result in development of swollen lymph nodes that leads to bump appearance on the neck.

Acne on Neck Hairline

The hair products an individual’s uses can be the reasons behind why you are breaking out wherever your hair comes in close contact with your skin: back, neck, chest or hairline. This includes styling products, shampoos and conditioners.

The chemical contents in the shampoos and conditioners that are used to make hair feel soft and healthy aren’t the best for skin.

Emollients, proteins, quaterniums, acrylates and thickening agents in shampoos and conditioners are designed to stick to hair, which means they can also “stick” to skin too, and potentially clog pores.

Acne on Neck and Shoulders

Acne breakouts on an individual’s shoulders are usually not the easy-to-cure. Acne mechanica can appear on the shoulders when clothes are too tight or when you don’t take a shower after you work out.

Also, those people who get steroid injections are likely to get Steroid acne on their shoulder. Again, yeast infection is another cause of acne on the shoulders.

Acne on Neck and Behind Ears

Discovering of small bumps behind your ears can be alarming. This could be due to infections, such as mastoiditis, to an allergic reaction, such as dermatitis.

The pimples behind ear can occur wherever a hair follicle or pore becomes clogged. The skin behind your ears is no exception. While pimples are less likely to develop there due to the area’s relative isolation, it can happen.

Pimples on Neck Meaning

These are breakouts on neck, which are like appearance of pimples on the face and subsequently they can be utilized to uncover hidden medical issues.

Did you realize that pimple mapping on the body can likewise demonstrates to you why you are breaking out, regardless of whether it is pimples on the button, back, trunk, or even crotch?.

According to, pimple on your neck may mean something to do with any the causes we will examine. It additionally proposes that you get your, “hormones checked for uneven characters, particularly if neck pimples are close or under the jaw and jawline.”

How to Get Rid Of Neck Acne

Getting rid of acne on neck depends on an individual’s skin and health condition. Neck acne can be treated as well use of home remedies. These methods include:

Neck Acne Treatment

A medical professional can prescribe more concentrated topical medications, oral medications, and even other treatments, such as light therapy or extraction in case you experience severe acnes.

The over-the-counter products can be used in combination with other products, such as retinol and alpha hydroxyl acids. These products do not target acne, but they can contribute to helping acne products work better.

Note: Picking and popping pimples can result into a worse situation and this is not advisable at all.

Home Remedies for Acne on Neck

They include:

Use of honey

It is a great natural cure for acne since they kill skin bacteria almost instantly. You can mix honey with other ingredients, such as tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, orange peel or egg white, for increased potency.

Baking soda

It is known to be most common household remedy that gets rid of acne fast. Take one-two teaspoons of baking soda, place it inside a bowl and add a teaspoon of water. Make a paste and apply the mix on the affected areas.


The research shows that they contain high percentage of Vitamin C, which makes acne dry extremely fast. Take a slice of potato and apply it directly on the skin.


This is painful in case you have acne on your body but it is considered to be the best on your skin. Steam allows your skin to breathe, which helps it get rid of all that dirt, bacteria and sebum trapped under it.

You can either fill a large container with hot water and spend a few minutes facedown or purchase a steam shower and reap its benefits.


Most the slices are used to fight puffy eyes and improve the appearance of their face skin. However, the same can be used to get rid of pimples on the neck and face.


It is used to get rid of acne since it has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties complemented by its high level of antioxidants.


White toothpaste is used to get rid of acne. Mix two tablespoons of toothpaste with a teaspoon of cinnamon and apply on the affected areas. Allow the mixture to enter the skin and remove it after 10-15 minutes.

Lemon Juice for acne on neck

The juice is rich in vitamin C. You can either make a paste by mixing lemon with cinnamon powder or dip a clean swab in lemon juice. Apply the solution on all affected areas and you will notice an improvement in less than 24 hours.

Aloe Vera

It does not only cool your skin down, but it also reduces the redness and inflammation of your pimples. To top it all, aloe Vera can remove the oiliness from your neck skin.


This mitigating arrangement is a quick and reasonable approach to definitely diminish the span of your pimples. A vast advantage of this normal skin break out cure is that the greater part of us as of now has a headache medicine inside the house.

Utilizing it is a breeze. Just make glue, pouring in 3 sections water and including one section headache medicine. Blend until the glue is sufficiently thick and apply it on the influenced region.

After thirty minutes, it will start to solidify and chip off. This is the point at which you can wipe it off with a spotless fabric.


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