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Sometimes dark spots or dark patches on the face are considered to be natural. Is there a way on how to remove dark spots on face in one week? How do black spots on face after pimples look like?

Discover more from the information given below and get more insight on how to get rid of them.

Black Dots on Face Meaning

These dots occur due to hyper-pigmentation of the facial skin and the condition is common among middle age women. These black dots are spotted when a localized patch of melanin generated get accumulated at one point.

The dots can appear anywhere on the face, forehead or cheek. Most of these black dots can imply the underlying skin problem and health condition of a person.

It is recommended to consult a dermatologist for further examination and treatment of this condition. This will help to avoid living with some assumptions about your health.

Black Spots on Face Causes

black dots causes

causes of black dots

Here are some of the major causes of black dots on face:

Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation

These refer to those temporal black dots that appear due to skin injury. They do last for a shorter period of time but in some instance, certain scars can last for a longer period of time before disappearing.


This is a condition that is commonly found in the face, cheekbone or the region between the mouth and the nose. They are also known to affect another area on the body that is mostly exposed to the sunlight like arms and shoulders.

According to the research, the condition is known to result in grayish patches on the face. In particular, this condition is a type of skin diseases.

Riehl’s Melanosis

The studies show that this condition resulted due to subsequent exposure to sunlight on the body areas that are said to have been exposed to certain cosmetic products.

The condition causes the hyperpigmentation on the skin of the face with the appearance of grayish or brownish patches.

Linea Fusca

This is a skin disease that results from melanocyte stimulating hormone that causes hormonal fluctuation in the body.  The imbalances of the hormones cause the appearance of melasma and darkened nipples.

Solar Lentigines – Freckles

Due to a long period of exposure to sunlight rays, an individual can experience the formation of red or brown raised spots on their faces, arms, and cheek bones. After oxidation, they turn black.

Pituitary Tumors

These are growths that occur in the pituitary glands. The growth interferes with the generation of important hormones in the body and it could result in many body malfunctions.

Pregnancy causes black dots on face

This condition is associated with some hormonal instability in the body. The imbalances of the hormones are known to be the main causes of small bumps on the face. Their bumps disappear after delivery leading to the formation of black dots on the facial skin.

Addison’s Disease

Black spots on the face happen to be the main symptom of this disease. It results when the adrenal glands fail to produce adequate cortisol and aldosterone hormones. These hormones are known to control major functions in the tissues and organs.


This condition results due to genetic predisposition and it is known to cause excessive absorption of iron. This may result in malfunction of the major organs like heart, liver, and pancreas. In the process, it may lead to the development of black dots on the skin.

Estrogens medications

These are medications used in controlling hormonal imbalances. They usually come in form of pills, injections, implants, or patches. They can be used in treating postmenopausal symptoms in women.

Liver Damage

Dark spots on the facial skin are known to be the major sign and symptoms of liver damage. They do occur since the body is an able to get rid of the toxins from the cells.

Blood Vessel Deformities

This condition is more common in the infants but the exact causes are still unknown. They develop in form of common birthmarks. There are some that will go away after some time while others can stay for a long period. There is a need for concern about them.

Black Dots on Face and Neck

What really causes hyperpigmentation on my neck? Depending on the condition of the dark spots or dots on your neck, you will be required to visit a dermatologist to check what is causing them.

In case these dark dots are itchy, then it could imply that it is a skin infection and when they tend to be dark bumps then it could be a form of skin problem.

Also, in case you notice a sudden appearance of dark spots at the back of your neck, seek consultation from dermatologists since it could be an underlying health problem.

Some individuals may notice black dots appearance on their skin overnight and this can imply a serious health problem within your body.

Black Dots on Face after Pimples

The appearance of pimples on the face can be awful and embarrassing to some instances. When they tend to disappear after sometimes they leave behind scars and dark spots.

Another hassle appears again when you notice there are a lot of scars on the face due to the presence of numerous dark dots on the face.

Some of these scars could be due to genetic predisposition or a war zone of skin infections. Since the condition tends to share something in common, everyone would wish to know how to get rid of dark spots on the face.

Some of the major causes of these black spots include:

  • Hyperpigmentation that occurs when the skin become destroyed in a specific area.
  • Hormonal Imbalances that occur due to changes in the body functions like ovulations and pregnancy
  • Excessive Sun Exposure
  • Skin Disorders
  • Liver Damage

Black Dots on Face Not Blackheads

These dots on the skin are said to be more infuriating and in most cases, they seem to be difficult to remove them. These blackhead skin woes are known to be commonly appearing around the nose and along the jawline.

According to the research undertaken, they are said to be sebaceous filaments. These are basically an excessive accumulation of the oils in the hair follicles that give it that prominent color after oxidation.

They are said to be beneficial in moving the skin’s natural oil to the surface, this is according to Joshua Zeichner, director of cosmetic and clinical research at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.

Gentle exfoliators can be used to help reduce the prominent colors without harming the oil glands and the delicate facial skin in general.

Black Spots on Face Cancer

The most common black spots that are known to be cancerous are Melanoma. These skin lesions due to the condition are said to be raised and often black in color.

dark spot cancer on face

black dot cancer on face

Melanoma has different colors ranging from shades of brown, black, red, blue and even white. It is also marked by the following features:

  • Asymmetry in nature
  • Irregular in shape
  • Large in size
  • Variable shape, color and/or size over time

Note: This bump can develop to anyone regardless of age and race. It is said to occur as the age increases. They also tend to itch, bleed and are tender when you touch.

Black Spots on Face during Pregnancy

There are many skin changes as a woman you will experience as a result of being pregnant. There shall be the appearance of certain spots on your face, reddish streaks on your stomach. This condition is not common to every woman since our genetic composition varies.

For black dots on the face, they will be due to melasma and chlosma. The increase in skin pigmentation will result in presence of dark spots on your forehead and face.

The pigmentation on the skin during pregnancy is due to changes in hormonal balances and the women will portray a sign of mask of pregnancy.

How to Remove Black Spots on Face for Men

In order for men to avoid being attack by these black spots on face, they are supposed to adopt the following preventive measures since they cannot hide into makeups like women.

  • Avoid direct exposure to excess sunlight rays
  • Avoid tanning bed if you know your skin is more susceptible to black dots.
  • Adopt measures that will ensure facial acne heal out completely
  • Maintain body hydration with supplied adequate vitamin E and C
  • Avoid using chlorinated water on your skin
  • Control hormonal fluctuations by minimizing intake of acidic foods and reduce stress.

Dark Spots on Face Removal Cream

Dark spots on face can result in absolute pain and low esteem when it comes to the world of beauty and fashions. Some of these creams that can help get rid of black dots on face include:

dark spots cream remover

cream remover for black dots

Kama Ayurveda Rejuvenating & Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream

This cream helps in lightening the dark spots and pigmentation. It also contains antiseptic ingredients that help to prevent the occurrence of age spots and aging process.

Oriflame Optimals Even Out Night Cream

Since it more readily absorbed into the skin, it helps to fight dark spots and also nourishes the skin. It is also an antioxidant that assists in preventing the skin against any damage.

It also neutralizes against the bad effect of pollution and sun rays exposure that can harm your skin.

The Body Shop Drops Of Light Pure Healthy Brightening Day Cream

The cream helps to make skin appear brighter and healthier thus smoothen the skin texture and plumps it with moisture.

It also helps to reduce the light and the intensity of the dark spots while making the skin more hydrated. Thus the best cream for black dots on face.

Richfeel Anti-Blemish Cream

It helps to get rid of the ugly spots while restoring glow. It is used also to lighten the black scars, marks, and pigmentation. Also, it helps to fade out dark circles.

Himalaya Bleminor Cream

The ugly dark spots occur due to excessive accumulation or production of melanin in your skin. The cream helps to boost skin health. The cream is also an oxidant that helps to counter skin damage.

Fair & Lovely Anti-Marks Fairness Cream

It is known for preventing the appearance of dark spots on the face and also fading away from the already formed black dots. It also offers sun protection.

Biotique Bio Winter Green Spot Correcting Anti-Acne Cream

The cream is not only known for preventing the outbreak of acne but also in fading away from the appearance of scars after a breakout. It also subsidizes the pain that is experienced on the acne formations.

Yves Rocher Exceptional Youth Dark Spot Corrector

It helps illuminate the skin and reduce the occurrence of dark spots. It has anti-aging features that help to maintain the skin to be healthy while glowing. Hence it is the best cream for black dots on face.

Olay Natural White Night Nourishing Repair Cream

It helps in inhibiting the transfer of melanin to your skin’s surface since it contains certain vitamin that helps in nourishing the skin. It is also used to reduce the appearance of dark spots on the face.

Forest Essentials Kumkumadi Teenage Night Cream

It is used to lighten dark spots and helps bring back the skin tone that glows. It contains moisturizing properties that seep into the skin to make it appear hydrated.

NOTE: it is recommended to visit your dermatologist before using any of the cream for skin assessment and examination to avoid further damage.

How to Remove Spots from Face in 2 Days

This could involve the following:

Laser Therapy

The laser treatment will work on the affected skin area by sending the UV rays that will be absorbed into the skin to help kill cells causing the appearance of black dots on face.

It recommended the process to be done by a medical professional in that particular. It has some side effect but with time the noticeable ones disappear.


The therapy uses microscopic crystal particles to get rid of layers of damaged skin, so new, fresh skin can be noticed.

Chemical Peels

This involves the use of a mild acid concentration to help get rid of the outer layers of the skin. Afterward, a neutral substance is applied to unveil the skin underneath that is not affected by the excess formation of melanin.

How To Remove Dark Spots on Face Fast

The following are some of the ways to get rid of black dots on face overnight. They include:

Apply Aloe Vera

It is known to contain natural soothing properties that relieve many ailments from the facial skin such as dark spots.  It is recommended to obtain a fresh aloe plant and get the gel from the leaves then applied on the dots.

Apply Fresh Lemon Juice

It has been discovered to have natural skin bleaching properties which help to fade away dark spots appearances.  Combine a mixture of equal amount of lemon juice and water then apply on the affected region.

Use A Skin-Cleansing Brush

A powered cleansing brush is basically used in cleaning the skin deeply and helps in getting rid of the dead skin cells that cause dark spots. Exfoliation can help further in removing the layer of the dead skin cells.

Use Tropical Acid Products

These involve the use of recommended topical creams and lotions that contain beta hydroxy acid, alpha hydroxy acid, and retinoid. They help to get rid of black dots on face overnight or after 2 days.

Make Sandalwood Paste

It is basically used to enhance the healing process. All you need is a mixture of one tablespoon of sandalwood powder with a few drops of milk to help form the paste that will be used in getting rid of these dark spots.

Apply Turmeric

It contains elements that are known to get rid of dark spots on your face. This remedy is basically a natural skin bleaching agent for whitening dark skin.

Try Apple Cider Vinegar

It helps create the balance of the pH level of your skin in the process helps in reducing the appearance of dark dots and marks.  Dab the vinegar on the dots using a cotton ball.

Skin Exfoliation

This is considered to be one of the most effective ways of getting rid of dark spots on the face. It involves removing dead cells that are accumulated on the outer layer of the skin.  These dead skin cells are known to be the cause of black dots on face.


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