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Why do my fart smells so bad like rotten eggs? Is it because of what I ate? Or is there something wrong internally?

Get more insight from the information below to know if it is normal for someone fart to be smelly and have a clue on what causes this condition.

Smelly Farts

This condition occurs due to flatulence which is considered to be a normal biological process but it can make you feel uncomfortable among other people around you.

Excessive smelly farts occurs when someone swallow more gases while eating that make it difficult to enhance digestion that may also indicates underlying health problem such as indigestion.

Smelly Farts Causes

The causes on smelly farts include:


It causes nourishment leftovers in the stomach, which will either mature or rot, discharging malodorous and harmful gasses.

Moreover, these dangerous gasses may likewise prompt entanglements like apprehensive issue, stoppage, indigestion, bloating, issues, draining heaps, impeded digestion and foul stools as time goes on.

Digestive tract infection

Infection in the small intestines where digestion takes may result into smelly farts that are triggered by parasites, viruses and bacteria. Also, after developing the infection, you may again experience abdominal cramps and then have foul-smelling, runny stools.

Malabsorption of Carbohydrate

This condition result when our bodies failed to absorb proper amount of nutrients or vitamin from the foods we eat.

In most cases the condition occurs when there is an infection in the intestines that may end up preventing vitamins absorption from the food.

Lactose intolerance

The condition is said to happen when the small intestines lack sufficient lactase enzyme to work on milk sugar such that the traces of milk products may remain undigested in the digestive tract.

Therefore, these traces of milk products will them be feed on bacteria that may result into smelly farts or poo. Some of the conditions that can also occur include; flatulence, bloating, watery diarrhea, cramps and loose stools.

Yeast infection

Excessive amount of yeast growth in the small intestine can also lead to foul fart. Yeast growth can be fortified, under specific conditions, to change into unsafe parasite.

This parasite develops as moment fibers, with the roots infiltrating into body organs and tissues. In the event that you are passing a larger number of gases than ordinarily expected, you may have an excess of this yeast.

Certain medicines and supplements

Some medical drugs may result into gastrointestinal discomfort and diarrhea. In case you happen to be allergic supplements such as multivitamins, you may experience foul-smelling stools.

Loose fart can be a reaction of taking more than the prescribed day by day remittance of a multivitamin or any single vitamin or mineral. Looseness of the bowels related with a multivitamin or drug overdose is the indication of a medical crisis.

Smelly Farts IBS

Foul fart can result due to many factors and IBS is one of the reasons why you experience this condition.

The correct reason for fractious gut disorder (IBS) is unknown. In any case, most specialists trust that it might be brought on by various interrelated variables. Conceivable variables include:

  • An anomaly with how the muscles move nourishment through the stomach related tract,
  • Having stomach related organs that are especially touchy to torment,
  • A breaking down invulnerable framework,
  • An issue with how the focal sensory system controls the stomach related framework,
  • An abnormal reaction to contamination, and
  • Natural, dietary, and hereditary components those are so far obscure.

Also, there other foods that can produce smelly farts gas because of how they interact with gut bacteria. They include; beans, pulses and certain vegetable such as brussel sprouts.

Again, individuals with IBS are prone to experience bloating and flatulence since the bowel contractions are weak, the passage of waste material in the gut slows and gas becomes trapped.

Smelly Farts after Eating

Foods are the major causes of smelly foul from the poo and according to the experts, it is said to occur due to flatulence and burping.

Generally, the studies also shows that foods with natural sugars, high-fiber foods, and starchy foods are all likely to cause smelly foul from fart due to the way the body breaks them down, or has difficulty breaking them down.

If it is advisable also to cut down on the foods that causes gas in the stomach like beans in order to curb smelly farts.

Smelly Farts Vegan

Those individuals who are vegetarians are said to produce bad foul since the foods contain high level of fibers that may result to overworking of the bacteria responsible for breaking them down.

This may leads to frequent bloating, frequent bowel movements and so many stink bombs. However, vegetarians fart is not smelly as those of meat eaters.

Smelly Farts after Eating Eggs

Bad foul after eating boiled eggs occurs when the body can’t process the proteins found in the yolk of the egg, the white of the egg or both. After you ingest sustenance, your small digestion tracts make chemicals to separate the sugars and proteins in the nourishment.

On the off chance that you don’t deliver the correct chemical to process the proteins found in an egg, the proteins from the egg go undigested and stay in your gut. Once the proteins enter the colon, microorganisms conforms to them, which causes the most widely recognized egg narrow mindedness manifestations.

Smelly Farts Period

When you are discharging, your body discharges prostaglandins, hormones that advise the muscles in your uterus to contract. These compressions help shake off and dispose of all the covering of the uterus.

Shockingly, in a few people, the prostaglandins can make the muscles in the digestive organs contract as well. These compressions can foul up how your stomach related framework handles sustenance, which can prompt fluctuating or loose bowels.

On the off chance that your body doesn’t have an opportunity to process nourishment legitimately on the grounds that prostaglandins are making your digestion tracts act bizarre, your farts can notice a ton more awful.

Smelly Farts Healthy

A small amount of gas produced by small intestines is not scent-free. That smell is generally hydrogen sulfide, a gas that is produced when the body breaks down foods with sulfur in them

Majority of healthy foods generate sulfur-containing gas when digested. This gas leaves the body after digestion mainly in form of a smelly fart. So, in case you happen to be having been eating red meat, broccoli, cauliflower, beans or dairy products, don’t be surprised if you find yourself with some slightly stinky farts later on down the line.

Less frequently, frequent and extremely smelly farts can be a sign of a chronic problem, such as irritable bowel syndrome or celiac disease, or an infection like gastroenteritis. But there are also other reasons your digestive system doesn’t function properly.

Smelly Farts While Pregnant

During pregnancy period, an individual will experience foul gas and fart since the level of Progesterone hormone in the body has increased and in turn, it results to relaxation of intestinal muscles.

Subsequent relaxation of this muscles may slow down the rate of digestion that may allow the buildup of gases and creates bloating, burping and of course flatulence.

Gas production during pregnancy is known also to rise later in pregnancy when the enlarging uterus places pressure on the abdominal cavity.


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